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Thread: Looking into possibly buying my first set...

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    Question Looking into possibly buying my first set...

    Hello everyone, I am new here at these forums.. I recently, about a month and a half ago started playing on a drum kit. I own a hand drum, djembe and bongos, but I never really delved into my drumming all that seriously.
    I play bass guitar, am teaching myself Acoustic/Electric Guitar, learning the ocarina, re-learning myself the trumpet, and teaching myself a whole bunch of other things as well...
    Now I'm trying to learn how to really, truely, become a drummer.

    I recently joined two bands in the town I live in and in one of those bands, after a short practice it was clear that I would be a perfect fit to be the new drummer.

    I have a good ear and am a quick learner, I've been told I play in a kind of hip-hop style.. I can already utilize all the drum components and I am planning on taking my drumming very seriously, I'm in this for the long haul.

    Currently I am playing on an E.Kit made by Roland, it is my fathers, and he is kind enough to let me use it.. I'm also playing on the band leaders drumkit, which I have no idea the brand name of..

    Anyways, enough rambling,.. I have no idea what I should be looking for when buying a kit.. or what I should be paying,... I am by no means a rich man, and this will definately be something which will happen in the future, (I need to save money first) But I want to start proactively researching far ahead of time, so that I know what I am looking for when it comes time to purchase my first kit.

    Thank you for your time.. any comments are greatly appreciated.

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    First let me welcome you to the board.

    There are 3 levels of kits.
    1. entry level kits
    2. intermediate kits
    3.high-end / pro-level kits

    As you can guess the better the kit the more $$ you will need. Cymbals are classified the same way. Typically people buy the best they can afford at the time of their purchase.

    Sometimes it may be better to buy used and upgrade your instrument purchase. If you have an ear for music you may not be happy with entry level stuff. I suggest a trip to your local music store and take a few different kits and cymbals for a test drive and let your ears decide what sounds best to you.

    Happy shopping, feel free to ask any questions and let us know what you decide on.( any of the top name brand companies are good )
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    Default Re: Looking into possibly buying my first set...

    Welcome to Drum Chat Catalyst!

    GF laid it out very well, so the only thing that I would add is this: since you have a good ear, and if you can afford at least the intermediate/student kits, then pay attention to the sound of the kits you can find to try out. The shells of the drums will be made of different woods, or different combinations of woods. Some people like the sound of certain woods, or combinations of woods better than others. For instance, I prefer the sound of maple shells to the sound of birch shells. It's just a personal preference thing, and there are others here that prefer the sound of birch over the maple. When you are considering kits, it is a good thing to think about.

    Again, welcome!
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    Default Re: Looking into possibly buying my first set...

    I agree with everything PB and GF said. A good starting point for researching kits is to go onto all the different drum manufacturers' websites, and read about the different kits they have to offer.
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    Cool Re: Looking into possibly buying my first set...

    Thank you for your replies guys.. I appreciate it very much.
    I've looked at a couple of the local music stores, but I have found it hard to actually try out any drum sets.. the local places here are kind of... strange.
    You can play on a bass guitar until the cows come home, but whatever you do DONT use the drums.. Lol, maybe they think I'm some nuckle head who is going to stab the drums instead of play on them.. I don't know...

    As I said above, I have no shortage of kits to play on, played the E.Kit for a couple of hours on and off today, and I'll be playin on a real kit tomorrow, nevertheless, there is a part of me, that likes owning my gear, instead of borrowing, or playing on others gear.. Maybe it's an odd ego thing, maybe I am just materialistic..

    I won't be able to afford anything decent for a long time, but when I do buy my kit, I definately don't want to buy a cheapy, childrens kit, I'd like to be taken seriously, of course. I already know that I would like to incorperate some other pieces to my drum kit, (when I get one) such as a tamborine, a wood block, a cowbell, and an assortment of symbols.. I'd be interested in trying a double kick as well, but as I beginner, I know that I should stick to the basics and worry about my drumming, not what i do or do not own..
    Everything in due time...
    Do any of you guys, know of a mid-range brand that you could suggest from personal experience? I'm definately going to search the boards here for answers..
    Thanks again~

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