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Thread: Drummer, come here..... I'm Stalking You!

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    Default Drummer, come here..... I'm Stalking You!

    Totally kidding..... I find my self looking at all your posts; you share a lot of very valuable and welcomed information on this forum. So forgive me for being a little forward with starting a thread in your name LOL (tried to PM you but your box is full). You're awesome and I just wanted to let you know that..... Keep on sharing your knowledge and love of drumming......

    Peace, drum_chick

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    Well, what are mods for? Eh drummer?

    Seriously though, drum_chick raises a good point. You're a vital asset to this forum and we love your feedback, and occasional silly post =P.

    Keep it up drummer, we wouldn't have you any other way.

    My Kit: Pearl Session Custom 7 Piece w/ Zildjian Cymbals
    My Band: Lead Redemption
    Current Favourite Band: Necrophagist
    Current Favourite Song: To Rid The Disease - Opeth
    Next purchase: Pearl 18"x16" Floor Tom, Zildjian A Custom Crash


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