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    ok new to drum chat I don't know where to post this question so putting it in the general question my band member told me that vampire weekend had acoustic stuff that i should listen too found them on youtube and i was wondering how do i get my floor tom to sound like his so i can start doing acoustic stuff with my band im sure its his is an 18x18 tom with a coated head but my drum does not even sound close to that
    heres a few links


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    Goshenmos, first welcome to the Chat! you picked a good site for your drumming Q and As, well to answer question, there appears to be a few things going on that you may have already noticed, like the tape and what looks like a small bag of silica sand
    (at top) that mixed with the sound man is how they probably got that deep Hand Drum kinda sound. Its all about experimenting dude so good luck, oh and very interesting sound from these boys thanks for your post
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    Welcome to Drum Chat goshenmos!

    Marty nailed it. Just keep in mind that whenever you see a microphone, that drum sound is being manipulated by more than a drum key.
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    yep marty and pastor bob nailed it . very muffled. and processed. sounds like the bottom head is also muffled. so id say, some duct tape and a few moon jels and you could sound pretty close to that.

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    Just throw your wallet on the floor tom.

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    thanks guys been lots of help do you guys think its possible to get the same sound out of a 16x16 drum im sure his is a 18x18 or possible a 18x16

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