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Thread: Duellist drum pedal

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    Default Duellist drum pedal

    Does anyone have the Duellist drum pedal? I need some help setting it up. Please no comments about it be cheating. I'm just looking for feedback.



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    Welcome to Drum Chat Michael! I don't have any experience with a Dualist pedal, but I am sure there are others that can help. As to the whole "cheating" thing, you will find that our members are always ready to help out and offer advice. It's all about finding the things that allow you to be the best drummer you can be.
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    I never look at anything like that as cheating. I look at it as having fun... the very thing that got me into drumming in the first place.

    Welcome to the board Drum Bum!
    - Tom

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    Default Re: Duellist drum pedal

    It still requires technique to play so how would that be cheating? Can't help you with the set up though.

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    Default Re: Duellist drum pedal

    Thanks for all your positive replies! It must have been on that "other" drum forum.

    I am having a problem with the second beater. It seems in the only position that really utilizes the second beater is sitting right on the bass. When switching between the two settings, the beater bounces off the bass 3 or 4 times! I have been playing more than 40 years (18 full time, back in the day!) and never played double bass. I'm looking to get back into giging again, and this gives me the opportunity to enhance my sound and my right foot.

    If anyone can help, all feedback appreciated!


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