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    ...but only because it hated on me first!

    Ok, so I want to build a video resume. I also want to use video as a learning tool. I bought a used Sharp VL SD-20 due to the fact that it had an input for an external mic as well as a Firewire connection. So I installed a FW card in my computer, but cannot download video. I don't have the CD that came with it originally and Sharp doesn't seem to support video cameras any longer. Anyone know how to download video from a late 90's camera? No USB, or hard drive; it uses digital tape.

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    if you have windows movie maker or similar, connect your camera and on the tasks bar under import click From Digital Video Camera. Then you have to like record it when you play it back. thats the only way i can think, but it might not work, cause i think the video camera needs to be recognised by the computer. anyway, good luck.

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