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    When I review the music notation for this rudiment the timing isn't making sense to me. I understand how to play the rudiment. Basically a triplet with delayed 4th note is what it sounds like. The delayed note almost provides an accent due to the delay.

    What I don't understand is if you review the Vic Firth site:
    The time signature is 4/4. The triplets start out as 16th notes. Given that the quarter note gets the beat then that would mean to me that we can have 4 16th notes per beat. If so how do we squeeze 3 16notes and an 1/8th note into one beat? how can there be a delay and we still stay within the time signature?

    Hope my question makes sense.

    Thanks in advance!

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    It's not a delayed 4th note. It's just a straight triplet into a note.The three 16th note triplets make up the first 8th note, then you are at the second. Brilliant for starting a 16th note fill around the toms. Start with the left hand and accent the 4th beat, which is the first beat of the 16th note fill. (I wish there was an easy way to write this on here.) Diddaly Blat dat dat dlat.......

    Edit: First definition I ever saw for a triplet was, "Three notes played in the time of two notes." Therefore, In this case, the three 16th note triplet beats fill the same time as two 16th notes would have.
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    That is a perfect explanation. The triplet explanation is good. so when I see triplets notated I shouldn't think of the literal note value I should think as you stated: "Three notes played in the time of two notes".



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    Good info to pass around thanks for the tip! F/T

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