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    Hey there, just wondering if anyone has any suggestions for a problem I have: I'm looking to get a padded, plastic case (e:g: Protechtor, SKB, Enduro) for my Drum Workshop 18''x 8" woofer drum. Try as I might I'v scoured the internet o no avail. Anyone here know of a company that makes these? I know XLSPEC the company that does Protechtor makes custom cases, but I haven't seen or heard of anyone who's gotten something for the drum size I'm looking for. Any help would be much appreciated!

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    Welcome to Drum Chat partsisparts!

    My suggestion would be to contact DW customer service and to get a recommendation from them. I think that will save you a lot of "chasing your tail" time. I have spoken, or emailed, with a number of customer service people when I had questions about parts for musical instruments, and if I couldn't get something from them directly, they were always kind enough to give me the name of a company that I could contact.
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    I have a 22x8 case from Protection Racket. They are the only company I am aware of that makes cases for the DW woofer. It's not a hard plastic case, but protection none the less.

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    I had a little look, and the only one I could find was the protection racket, its soft and costs 63 in the UK.

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    Thanks you guys, I may indeed go the protection racket route.

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