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    Right, I have a pearl P120P single bass pedal.

    While I was moving the 'powershifter' heelplate back, the 'KB-608 Key Bolt' cross threaded with the 'DC-398 Heel Position Adjust Nut'.

    Now the thread is totally ruined on both of the parts and the heel plate wont secure anymore.

    Iv looked on the pearl website and they have a catalog with every part listed (which is how I got the names) but now I need to know how to actually order the parts from the site, can anyone help me here please?

    Pearl P120P ^^^

    KB-608 Key Bolt ^^^

    And I can't find any images of the DC-398 Heel Position Adjust Nut...

    All help much appreciated and thanks in advance guys, TZ

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    Take the screw to the hardware store. They probably have something similar.
    ^^^ SGD's Evans Empire ^^^

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    Is it just the bolt that is stripped, or both? If it is just the bolt, it should be easy enough to replace....If it's both, you may need to use a tap and die set to rethread it.

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    The thread on both the nut and bold has worn away, theyre quite specific pieces so im not sure if id need to get them again, i'll take them both to the hardware store though and see...

    ...If not does anyone know where spare parts for pearl can be ordered from?

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    I think you'll be fine with the hardware store. Just take the pieces there and they'll be able to help you. You'll probably have more luck with a smaller hardware store as opposed to big chain like Home Depot. The smaller stores tend to have people who know what they're talking about and might be able to even help you fix your current hardware, whereas the big chains just have folks who know little more than what aisle things are in.
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    Yeahh true, well thanks for the help mate i'll be getting to the store as soon as I can, for now it'l just have to be the pedal on the slave bass

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