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    very good job ,, its like night and day ,,

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    Quote Originally Posted by Warren Wright View Post
    Ok...dont laugh at this= because it actually WORKS. I picked this trick up from a friend who has had Harley motorcycles for the past 20 years. Take a 4 to 6 inch piece of Aluminum foil and pour Coke on the SHINY side of it and on the drum rim (after you have removed it from the drum) or stand, (you need to be able to comfortably rub the rusted area)
    The action between the Shiny aluminum foil and the Coke will transfer the Shiny portion of the Aluminum foil onto the Rusted portion of the Chromed stand. Once thats done, wash the Coke off it and dry it and then apply a wax to the entire stand or drum rim. Ive done it personally a few times on a drum rim as well as a stand or two in the past and the rust is no longer visible and thats been over a year ago since I did the drum rim and I watched my buddy do this treatment on a friends Harley that had a bit of rust on the Exhaust pipe...after the treatment, the rust was gone~!
    you are 100% correct ,, i posted that on here a while ago ,, people thought i was crazy ,, they said "it'll scratch the chrome" it never does ,.... its the best way that ive ever seen to shine chrome ...

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