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    Hey guys,

    I am interested in adding some gospel chops to my playing. Does anyone knows about gospel chops? Where i can find some ideas? Do you know any albums to listen with good gospel drumming or good gospel chops that i can listen and develope my own ideas? Is there any web site that has free lessons on gospel drumming and gospel chops?? Thanks
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    I used to listen to gospel a lot. I don't really like it now but if you're talking about southern gospel, I would suggest some traditional country rhythms. Like, BOOM CHICK BOOM CHICK BOOM CHICK.
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    I understand that adcc is talking about what's being popularized as "gospel" right now, so I'll make the distinction. Gospel is a style of music used in churches and other religious settings, whereas what we call "gospel chops" are essentially 16th note triplet patterns (primarily). Depending on where you accent the patterns you can get that quick, broken, but not out of time feel you're looking for. Here are three patterns to work on (played as 16th note triplets)


    Try playing each, and then start combining them.

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