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    Drum Bum offers...
    Custom Drumsticks with your Signature or Band

    Get drumsticks personalized and customized just the way you want them. Quality engraved sticks with your band's name, your name, or a special message. High quality engraving on high quality brand drumsticks by a professional engraver.

    Lots of fonts to choose from!

    Great sticks to throw to the crowd? Your fans want to see your name or your band's name on the stick!

    Find custom and wholesale drumsticks at Drum Bum!

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    Above is for engraved drumsticks that are one offs. If you're a store or company in the need of custom sticks for promo reasons (giveaways, promotional events, etc.), Drum Bum can also imprint them in bulk. Call 1-800-DRUM BUM for rates and information.

    Call 1-800-DRUM BUM

    You can also get characters to go along with the text on your sticks such as lightning bolts or cross or fire. Or have them imprinted with your own special artwork.

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