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    Ok so i picked up some sabian b8 13' hi-hats today.. i know not the best but what the hell. When i put em on i was surprised, they didnt sound anythign like i thought. When i pressed the pedal and they came together it sounded like bung too. i fooled with the felt pieces, different tightnesses all that, they sound ok now, just wondering if there is anything special you do to make em sound better, or maybe its just the b8's? also they look a little thick, do they make like medium/light/heavy?

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    I myself am not a fan of the B8's, but yes... I think Sabian does make them in Light/Medium/Heavy versions. Also, how tight did you make the washers between the Top Hi-Hat and the clutching device? If it is to tight it may be choking their sound a little, which would explain their less than satisfactory sound you're getting from them. Not only that but I don't think having the nut to tight in relation to the cymbal can't be to good for the cymbal, being to taught and no freedom to move, and all. You also might want to think about putting a thicker layer of felt washers between the bottom hat and the actual stand [more freedom to move, therefore less 'chok-y' sound] and maybe even more between the top hat and the clutch [again for the freedom of movement]. Hope I Was Of Some Help.

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    ya i think i have the top one too tight, also i think they're just way to heavy for the sound im looking for, oh well live and learn i'll get another set sometime.. theres 60$ down the tube. :D

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