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    Hey guys, first time poster but long-time lurker around here.

    Anyway, I'm not the smartest when it comes to my hardware, and was wondering -- will any 12" snare wires work with my 12" Portnoy Melody Master snare? I gigged with it a few times and now I have a few wires loose and it sounds like crap.

    Any links or suggestions on what to buy would be appreciated.


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    An official welcome to Drum Chat Lonnie, even though you are a long time lurker!

    I'm sorry that I don't know anything about your specific snare, but I'm sure that there is someone around here that can come to your rescue. Hang in there, and again, welcome!
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    I am not an expert but I don't see why you can't. Depending on how the wires are hooked up with the original and the new ones. Are they straps or strings etc. Try it and you will find out. Oh Yeah Welcome Lurker.

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    That should match up just fine.

    It only appears to be select vintage snares that require "special" snare wires (I guess that might include the Ludwig Super Sensitive). Rogers comes to mind as having a unique snare setup on some of their snares.

    All the newer snares that I've seen use standard snare wires. So a 12 will fit a 12, in other words.
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    I've upgraded all of my snare drums to PureSound Blaster snares. They run about $20-25 USD and it's a great step up from stock factory snares. I also swapped out the plastic snare straps with a thin braded nylon type cord to help prevent the snares from slipping loose. Here's what they look like:

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    right, a 12 will fit a 12.
    do as much research about snares as you can before shelling out the cash for nice snares.
    blasters are slightly more agresssive sounding than the customs.
    i have the stock mapex snares on my 12" black panther and it sounds fine as an aux snare for me.
    blasters are a good deal. i think they might be the most bang for your buck type snares on the market.
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    Thanks for the help/kind welcome guys

    I usually buy all of my gear on MusiciansFriend, but it doesn't appear they have any 12" snare wires. Anyone know where I can buy some?

    Thanks again.

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