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    Hey guys, I bought a remo powerstroke 3 for my Bass drum, i really adore that Mike Portnoy bass drum sound, and i use a horizontally-folded towel for muffling, how would I tune my bass drum head(s) to get that attack and low end type of sound? I usually just do finger tight, then a half turn ( and a quarter turn sometimes ) and im sure my reso head has the same tuning, do I just need more muffling? should I go out and buy the evans EQ pad if it makes that much of a difference? help will be much appreciated
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    Tighten your reso head up real tight, and the batter relatively loose (if you push on the head with the pedal, it indents about a half an inch to an inch). I would also suggest muffling with a pillow, and stuffing it up against the batter head for a nice slap.
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