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    I've seen a few drummers do this really cool hand/wrist/arm stretch before they play where they fold their wrists in together and tuck them behind their head and pull them apart. I've also seen a guy use a drum stick as a sort of counter-lever on which to stretch out his wrists. What stretches do you guys recommend before playing? Are there videos of these things?

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    i like to use my sticks ,as you mentioned above , then i drum on my leg for a few min ,, then if we are playing somewhere that i can get by myself,i like to jump rope ,nothing gets your blood flowing like jumping rope .

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    I just stretch my wrists by turning them and pulling on my hands a little bit to get the blood flowing, but honestly for a good warmup just play on something soft for a minute.. Forces you to use all the muscles and get some blood flowing.
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    I might start stretching my calves before/after I start playing. I've pulled them like 20x since I got into metal drumming.
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