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    Ok so I'm finally buying a much needed metronome tomorrow (my friend who works at a music store is giving me the hookup :D) and I need a decent set of headphones...keep in mind I'm 16 with no job, so I'm trying to spend like $30 on it lol. I started off looking at drum isolation headphones, but now I've been looking at even dj headphones, just anything with a line in and decent noise cancelling.

    I've looked at these:

    [ame=""] Behringer HPS3000 High-Performance Studio Headphones:…[/ame]

    Reviews look ok for the price (may not show price but it's like $20) so I'm like should I do it?? I'm looking for some backup before I go get it, any recommendations are welcome

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    I have the $30 version of the Vic Firth isolation headphones, which don't play music, and I put my iPod earbuds on underneath them at normal, non-damaging volume. It works amazingly well.
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    Oh yeah I saw those, I'd prefer something that goes directly to my metronome though

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    I would go with in-ears if I were you. There are a lot of cheap models and they provide an excellent amount of noise cancellation. Plus, they aren't in the way as much.

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    I use the Korg metronome and have not used headphones yet as it is plenty loud. I would use my iPod earbuds if I needed to. The problem with the Korg metronome is it max's out at 200bpm and I wish it went faster.

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