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    This is a very short review on the mono-stereo adapter used to convert a mono metronome into a stereo metronome:

    If you have headphones with external input, like the Vic Firth one or the Direct Sound, and plug it into a metronome, you will usually hear the clicks in one ear only. This is because most metronomes output mono only. If your metronome outputs stereo, then you don't have this problem - but stereo metronomes are expensive, about $100 and more depending on model.

    Using the adapter, the mono output simply gets duplicated on both stereo channels (not sure I use correct terminology here) and you get to hear the clicks in both ears.

    The adapter is also available in the 6.3 mm version, the image above is of the 3.5 mm.

    The one drawback is that the click sound is slightly distorted by the adapter. It's not too bad, and it's just a click after all, but it's not exactly the same as otherwise.

    Cost of the item is about $4 shipping included and I won't tell you where I got mine.

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    Seriously, I just bought one of these yesterday at my local shack that sells radios. I need it for my external mic input to my vid cam though.

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    Great tip WM!
    - Tom

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