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    20' ride: is a very nice ride not overpowering between stick my opinion a weak sounding bell not the real pingy sound (pingy?)

    18' crash: for an 18' crash it is very nice takes a long time to open and to me sounds quick to close very good for the end of fills and in solo's

    16' Crash: i am in love with this crash it is the nicest sounding crash in the whole entire world it really makes you think CRASH

    14' HiHats: very nice not the best for playing only open but then again why would you want to....i get a very neat sound out of them opening/closing. with my broken leg (yes Broken and still using hihhats hahah)

    and that s all i got for it

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    Sorry mate but what is your post about? it sounds like you are answering to someone but I only see your post.

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    Agreed with the review of the ride (because that's all I can speak for). I too was a little disappointed by the bell, but it makes up for it by being an awesome crash as well.

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    Pretty good review. I think you're on the right track, it's looking good. One suggestion, which isn't necessary but something to consider is sections. Maybe you could list each quality of the cymbal and score it, why you think it deserves the score, and maybe a small intro/conclusion section. Again, not necessary but just throwing some feedback to you. Thanks again for this review though, I love seeing them.
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    There are several Sabian AA rides. Which one are you reviewing? It is the same with the crashes and the hats. Peace and goodwill.
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