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    Ok. So, I often play on my crash. I've gotten wierd looks when I tell some people that. However, in songs I hear it often. I do it for intense parts like choruses and what not. Is that wrong? (I also don't hit it directly 90 because I heard it doesn't give the crash its full sound.) Are you only supposed to hit crashes for change or is what I'm doing Ok? Also, if it is ok; what is a good crash for that? Right now I have a Sabian XS20 medium-thin. I don't know what to put for second crash. Thanks.

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    dude ,, whatever sounds good to you ,is the right thing , the cool thing about music is ,there are no rules ,, if playing on your crash sounds good to you and your band mates ,then by all means do it . nothing wrong with it ... have fun...thats what its all about.

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    You're doing some crash riding eh? They make cymbals called crash/rides just for that purpose, but also you can crash a ride cymbal or a crash for the same purpose. Some rides don't crash very well, and some crashes don't ride very well...(are you confused yet?)....

    Anyway, nothing wrong with crash riding.....but it shouldn't overwhelm any other part of the music. Feel the rest of the band and stay with their dynamics. You should certainly NOT abandon a nice dedicated pingy ride in favor of always crash riding. It's just one more tool to use...not abuse.

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    I beleive a lot of modern metal drummers routinely ride on a crash. Makes for a loud, in your face groove, but that's pretty much the name of the game in metal!

    Might not fit in so well in a laid back jazz track, but there you go.
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    I think the term "wash riding" would be applicable here. I know it's the same thing as crash riding, but that could get confusing since there's crash/ride cymbals out there and whatnot. Wash riding is basically what you described, Frazzetto. It's playing on an open cymbal (crash, ride, china, etc) to create a wall of white noise as the backbeat (am I using that word right? ). Lots of drummers do it, particularly in alt-rock and metal. But that doesn't mean that you can't incorporate it into other genres (except a laid back jazz track like TPO mentioned).

    As far as a second crash goes, if you're happy with the XS20 line, why not get an 18" XS20 crash? If you're looking to branch out into other lines, check out the AA line. There's some great stuff in there.
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    I ride my crashes more than any other cymbals on my kit. It really depends on the genre. Jazz would probably never require you to, where as metal and modern rock drummers do it all the time. You probably want to do it when your guitarists are playing open chords. It sounds weird in verses and stuff. But they also sound good in fast, intense breakdowns, not slow "epic" breakdowns. If you play metal of course.
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    I dont ride my crash. I have crashes for crashing and rides for riding but thats my style and personal preferrence.

    As already stated you can do what sounds best to you, there is no rule.

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    Welcome to Drum Chat Frazzetto!

    As already stated by atomcorr2, there is nothing wrong with going outside the box when you are playing music. It's a technique that is already used quite a bit in Metal, so why not experiment with it in other styles? If it sounds good to you and your band, you may just create a new feel.
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    I agree with all the replies to your question; it's about what sounds right to you. If someone looks at you funny for riding your crash just ignore them if it feels right and sounds right for you.
    As for suggestions on cymbals I would suggest a nice big crash with a long sustain (I have recently retired a 19" Sabian AAX metal crash which was ideal for the job) or a big open ride with lots of wash and crashability - dry rides aren't going to cut it for that task. The key is to go to the drum shop and try out as many cymbals as you can to find the perfect one for you.

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    I'm Glad the bike season is pretty much finished , all this talk of riding and crashing is making me nervous.

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