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    "Squatthroughs" Blades of glory. Honestly I think maybe visual appearance behind the kit. Because if you don't look good and healthy people might not wanna look at you for 2-5 minutes on Youtube so I think visual appearance could actually help a lot for drummers. So that would require eating healthy exercising and maintaing weight.

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    I don't even like talking about shingles because it sounds so gross but today my girlfriend and I went to go get the shot to help prevent the possibility of getting it. The shot does not make whoever gets it 100% immune from getting that crap but it's suppose to help not getting it. They are strict about only giving it to people 50 years old and older so I was able to get it but she couldn't. I really didn't want to do it but thought about it and it made sense especially after the pharmacist told us what happened to him after his bout. He said he still has a hard time reaching for things and he said it's permanent! It attacks nerve endings in the body. Right after that Christa said I better get it because of my drumming... isn't that sweet ...

    So I just thought I'd bring it up to you guys... apparently it could affect nerve endings that could affect reaching out which could affect playing. The shot was like a flu shot... no pain really. I even went to band practice about an hour after and didn't feel any pain.
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