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    I just cannot get this can you help me? I have watched Youtube videos and tried this, but I just cannot seem to make this double bass drum stroke.


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    not that i'm an expert..
    hit the bass pedal with the heel then follow through with the toes,or ball of your foot..this will give a double kick, kinda a 1,1e type sound ,till you can slow it down to a 1, 1a kick. i find this to give a fast beat, when you can go from 1/4 note kicks, then to 1/8 notes ,then back to 1/4 notes,,is a lot of fun..

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    I've been working on this a lot lately...just put on a metronome and take it slow, and when you start feeling comfortable, turn up the speed a few notches, and when you get comfortable with that speed turn it up a little more, etc.

    As for technique, it varies by person but I use the slide technique, which is where you slide your foot forward on the pedal to do the second stroke. This and heel-toe (hitting the pedal on one strike with your heel and the other with your toe) are the two most common foot techniques for bass drum doubles.
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    do a search for heel toe

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    I am not a double pedal player but I can double beat on a single pedal which to me woud be about the same and it is all heel to toe action ( roll ball). With pratice you will eventually get it.

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