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    I have a situation and maybe some of you can offer some advice.

    I live in a 2 story house. My kit is setup on the 2nd floor. Obviously the foundation is wood. Also, it's carpeted. So the floor has a certain, small amount of flexibility/spring because of that. I feel I have developed a pretty decent foot technique. However, when I take my kit to a rehearsal/gig, the foundation is usually much harder. My pedal all of a sudden feels as if there is no spring tension, and it's difficult for me to play accurately.

    Don't know if this is relevant but, I am using a DW8000 longboard. The original spring broke only a couple of months after using it (common problem for DW at that time I guess). Took it back to where I bought it. The guy didn't have the DW spring in stock, but he replaced it with a Gibraltar, I think. But I didn't notice a difference from that swap.

    Just wondering if anyone else has had to deal with that. Moving my kit to the 1st floor of my house is not an option. I am thinking something like a heavier spring on my pedal to use when I am out of my practice room. Is there a company that makes a heavier tension spring for pedals?

    Anyone else had to resolve a similar situation? Would appreciate any ideas/solutions.


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    Do you use a carpet at the rehearsal space ?,
    If you are happy with the pedal spring return etc of the pedal when you are on the second floor, I would just try changing your carpet/mat foundation with something different to try and recreate your usual feel/response of the kick.

    As a side note/observation, I recently did a wedding gig for 120 people at a resort, the old wooden building was on pillars over water and it was unnerving how much the floor was bouncing when they hit the dance floor. I really can't remember that it affected my playing though! Good luck bud.

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    Your muscle memory in your kick drum foot/leg is use to the flex in the wooden floor just as my arms are use to hitting real drum heads as opposed to hitting rubber pads on my e-kit. For me, it's a matter of quick adaptation between both kits but I can see where in your case a slight deviation in foundation or "footing" is something to get use to.

    All of my playing time has been over a concrete floor with a 1/2" of thick carpet, but just this summer I played my kit on a thick patch of grass with only my "drum rug" between me and the ground and I enjoyed the softness of the bass drum pedal's foundation as the pedal "bounced" a bit with my rhythm.

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