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    When I first bought the set I tried out so many different positions for my snare and toms. Probably after two weeks I was happy with about a 55 degree angle on my toms and my snare low between my legs.
    I'm recently discovering that having these angles is disabling me from accomplishing things I see from solo videos and tutorials. Most sets that I have seen had the toms almost flat.
    Can my angles affect speed or accuracy, should I keep them all flat?

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    I think (and this is just what I have found form experience) that it's about what your are comfortable with. Also, you need to remember that people set up their kit the way they do for different reasons. Someone really tall (Danny Carey) will usually have them quite flat. Someone else may angle them severly because they sit so low, because that's what works best for their kick.

    If there is a particular technique or pattern your having trouble with, try and find a different a way of doing it. Or modify it slightly to suit your needs. The angle of your toms could easily effect your speed and accuracy, but you will play your best when it feels natural. The rule I have always used is the head of the tom should face my head. That way seems to get the best action, with the hea dcoming down at just the right spot, wihtout too much rebound, and enough space between my toms to stop me smacking the rims when I do a roll. Of course, someone tall (as already mentioned) won't need to worry about this so much because the stick action is already coming from a more natural hight than it is for me.

    Also, on a point of interest if you watch videos of mike mangini, you'll see he has his toms angled at him, not overly severly, but angled none-the less, and he is as fast as they come, and his toms seem to follow the head-to-head idea aswell.
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    Thanks Crazyman,
    I checked that video out a while ago.
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