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    I am left-handed, so of course, I play lefty. A problem I have is that I have NO use of my little finger on my right hand. Even though I use stick wrap, the stick still slides because I can't grip it tight enough. Anyone have a tip that might help? Most grateful. Pimpdaddy Snowman

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    Hmmm, interesting question. You shouldn't have to grip the stick tight to maintain control. What style of music are you playing.

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    Is this a medical/Physical problem with the little finger, and does it affect the other fingers at all? If it doesn't affect the other fingers, it sounds like maybe there is something fundamentally wrong with your grip. I just tried playing with my little fingers completely off the sticks, and had no problems.

    I put a video here showing my grip amongst other things. Doesn't go into great detail, but does at least give the basics. Check out the work of Jim Chapin, Dom Famularo, Jojo Mayer etc for a real expert's view on this.

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    Must have something to do with the way I grip. Shattered middle knuckle at ball practice no less, leaving little digit useless. I've only been playing for about a year now, but there isn't anything about drumming that I don't like. Thanks for your input!

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