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Thread: Big Problem...Lefty Dominant?

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    Exclamation Big Problem...Lefty Dominant?

    hey im lefty dominant, but i dont play lefty. i have accustomed my right hand to play on the hi-hat or ride, but i want to work it up to where my left hand is. i can already play ambidextrous on the hi-hats/ride, and i have tried to work on other things, any suggestions? thanx:

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    Why not just flip your kit?

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    Welcome Haagen Das,your gonna like it here,ive been playing lefty/openhanded for about thirty years,it makes some things difficult,like set up and ride position, but i think ive mastered it (for me anyway) Im not teaching this old dog new tricks,im happy with my style,im gonna try to get a vid up some time soon

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