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Thread: Practice schedules - newbie help

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    Hello everyone!!!

    This is my first post on this great forum so I'm gonna use the first few lines to introduce myself as a drummer.

    Ever since I started listening to music the sound of drums always attracted me more than any other part of any song, so naturally I wanted to play the instrument. However since I was a little kid back then, my parents thought that "drums" are just one of my "I wanna be *something*phase" so they didn't get me a set .
    I kept dreaming about it until my uncle bought "Guitar Hero: World Tour" set for himself and invited me and some friends to play a few times. You are guessing that I picked drums and they couldn't get me off them :D.
    After that I thought to myself: "I'm 18 now, I've got room, time, will. Why the heck don't I buy myself a set???"
    And that was it. Before buying drums I went to this drummer who kinda tested my "skills" and told me that I have potential but that I also a but too old to start something.
    I ignored the age part and bought my drum kit and now I'm playing it for almost a year now and I think that I'm doing quite good.


    I wanna become really, really good and like I've said I've got the time, patience, will, everything except the right material to study from.
    I guess there are a lot of self taught drummers here and I'd like to ask you if you can give me some tips on which material can I download, buy, see, do to which will make me play like a beast if I stick and practice to it.
    I live in Dubrovnik, Croatia and there is only one drum teacher here but he is studying (drums) in Vienna so I can't see him for private lessons.

    Think that's pretty much it. Hope I didn't bore you with all the unnecessary "history" :D

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    Default Re: Practice schedules - newbie help

    Welcome to Drum Chat Basturina!

    I thought I should share with you that I started playing the drums when I was 52, so don't let anyone tell you it's too late. I'm not planning on being a rock star, so it's all about my own enjoyment, and eventually finding some folks to play with.
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    Default Re: Practice schedules - newbie help

    Welcome Basturina, nice to have more international drummers here!! and like PB said you are never to old..if the want and desire is there no one should hold you back..playing for just fun or you are limited on teachers from what you said, you can start right here on DC, some excellent drumming links..But, personal one on one lessons can aid in helping it all come sit back and join the fun, and don't forget to .......
    Enjoy the Music!


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    Default Re: Practice schedules - newbie help

    Welcome Basturina! Sounds like you have the attitude and the will to achieve your goal. Yes you are correct that it will take many hours of hard work to become a good solid drummer.

    Books and videos helped me out but nothing can come close to what a qualified drum teacher can do to help correct your technique. With that said, I understand your situation.

    What helped me out when my funds dried up for lessons was playing with other people. The exposure to different styles and dynamics of others helped with my own dynamics and it forced me to listen rather than try to fill very measure with rolls and crashes.

    A metronome can stand in if you are limited to jamming with others. The book titled "Stick Control" helped build my muscle memory as well as my sight reading.

    A practice pad and a metronome. That was my method of building up my wrists and fingers. Then came weekend jams with my friends.

    Good luck on the venture and I hope to see you around the forum.

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    Default Re: Practice schedules - newbie help

    hey man thats kind of how i started im 20 though and only been playing a year lol so dont know much like most ppl here except i started by playing rock band1 & 2 and eventually i asked my dad if he could get me drums...surprisingly he did even though my parents have money troubles. those video games actually give u a feel for the drums so u learn basic things kind of fast. hope i can find a way to make up for the money and time my parents spent on me even though i have no job *sighs*.

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    try and practice at least 30 mins a day or to 1hour 30 mins of course dont play if u dont really feel like it u might think ur not good and doubt ur self sometimes. its best to play when u want to or u heard a song that got u really excited or pumped up or ur in real good mood maybe even mad lol

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