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    When you go into an extended roll, do you guys find that your biceps tense up a lot? I've noticed that anytime I attempt even a short roll, my biceps tense up a LOT and it really impedes my motion. Not having a whole lot of playing experience, I'm not sure if it's normal to tense up as long as you've got the power to roll with it (pun not intended lol) or that's not supposed to happen at all. And if it's not, what are some techniques for combating it?
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    You just have to relax, it's like a zen state of mind you need to have, like, plan and think what you're doing but then try not to think about it too much. You'll get there.

    Practice practice practice!
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    This is usually a result of playing too much from the arms and not the wrists.
    - Tom

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    I agree with Drummer use the wrists more than your arms. The looser the wrists the more speed and bounce you will get.

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    More wrist and less arm. And practice, practice, practice. Then some more practice.
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