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    Recently my drum sessions has been kinda less fun and more stressful, i seem to always see my flaws and thats what annoys me, usually i can be creative for hours but these days i cant imagine i could play more complex stuff a few weeks ago, my creativity seems to have evaporated and now i have no motivation to drum and when i do, then fail badly... have you guys ever been through a time in your drumming career where you were in the same or similar position as me? i'd also like to wish everybody a merry christmas

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    Yep. I've been in one of those ruts. Dunno what to tell you.

    The only two constants I have are DW and Zildjian.

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    A month or so ago, Mark Powers, a blogging percussionist/teacher/awesome drummer blogged about being in a slump:

    And then he had some really good advice on how to get out of the slump in his most recent post:

    I would definitely recommend giving it a read.

    Hope this helps!
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    This happens to me alot, can't seem to figure it out. Maybe it's the weather, stress, love life etc. Merry Christmas to you too,hope things go better for you I mean drum wise in the New Year.

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    yeah im sure everyone's been through that just keep fighting it it eventually u will overcome it cant say how because everyone's different and has their own struggles. i just thought about it alot and suddenly found the will to pick up the sticks again ive only been playing for a year but we can learn alot in so little time. dont let the negative thoughts bring down something u worked hard for and think when u first started im sure we all know we improved since then lol. sometimes listening to music can help motivate u to keep playing u know man i want to be that good or better or this guys crazy wonder if i can do that someday lol just dont give up u might have a bright future ahead and sometimes the best things take alot of patience. hope this helps in some way keep fighting we do it every day just to get to the next.

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    It is very normal to have ups and downs when drumming that last a couple weeks. There have been times when it seems like I've lost my touch....or a certain percentage of my liveliness is gone and it makes me feel somewhat.....I dunno....."Blah"...for lack of a better word.

    It was no different when I was a student....there were times when I just wasn't "in" to it....and I just didn't feel like moving forward any longer.

    Whether we realize it or not....even at any level....we are all very complex human beings, and there could be a plethora of reasons that would cause these "swings".

    (I'd be concerned if it it was physical.....especially if you've got something chemical going on in your body, whether it's self induced, or not as it could lead to more serious problems. This is a whole different problem, but probably NOT what's going on here.)

    Just remember that these crests and valleys are normal.

    For's more of a "feel" thing that it is a "mood" thing. So I usually do something like re-tune my kit from scratch, switch snare drums and even use a different ride. There's also been times when I've switched the configuration of my kit - the new change doesn't make things better per se, but when I go back to the original set-up, it feels back to normal and I'm all good.

    I guess it's like not knowing what you've got 'till it's gone.

    Again...just remember that it's normal.......and you'll get through it. Don't blame yourself or anyone's all a normal part of life.
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    I think it's all in how you approach your playing and practice time. A mental thing for sure. I sometimes just am not mentaly "there" to practice. It's the same way for lessons. I have actual canceled lessons because of just being mentaly flat. I went in one time flat and just came out even more frustrated. That until I just remind myself why I started this little journey. I started to play because I wanted to learn to play for my own enjoyment first. Everything and everybody has to take a backseat when playing. Total focus on my part, and if one beats not working, I go to another.

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    fortunately i dont depend on drumming to make a living or anything, i just do it for the fun. So when it stops being fun, i just walk away for a few days, and always come back for more!

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