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    I am starting to learn jazz drumming now and will be taking lessons soon. I have been playing drums for three years but mostly rock drumming. I'm going to be buying a new kit sometime in the near future and I was wondering if there are kits out there that are more geared towards jazz drumming like Gretsch (I think??) or does it make a difference what type of kit you play? Also, would getting a good ride cymbal help because I just feel like the kit I have right now is really loud and raw sounding. I don't know anything about a good jazz setup... any suggestions?

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    um....gretsch is good...but really the set isn't as important as the cymbals..there are certain cymbals geared towards jazz just find cymbals with jazz in the title or do some research on google and find ones that pro jazz players use...usually jazz players use alot more overtones in their toms and bass but unless ur doin big band jazz u don't use the bass alot like rock, jazz is mostly in the fancy stick work....good luck

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    Well I agree with Utopia, you need some really cool jazz cymbals. Like our man Buddy playin some jazz, thats sweet!!!! As for Gretsch, their Catalina Club Kit looks pretty good, so I might give it a try. I am going to go and try some drums, hopefully this weekend, at the music store. I will let you know what I think sounds pretty good. Hopefully they will have that kit there.
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