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Thread: Shure DKM 4 XLR mic set

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    Default Shure DKM 4 XLR mic set

    Ay gang, Just purchases the Shure mic pack. Anyone using them for live shows. I will be tring them out Friday nite at a outdoor concert with out a sound man. I have a small 4 channel mixer. and playing that through a Mackie 600 PA System.
    Any comments on miking a 6 piece set. I don't feel that I will need overheads. It's not shea Stadium But I was curious on results on miking 2 toms using one mike for each set of toms. 1 mike between 2 ride toms. 1 mic between 2 floor toms & 1 mic for snare which is a 20 ply vented with one 21/2" vent and a mike for the ported bass drum.
    Should I place the mic on the snare by the vent or on top? Any Suggestions or Comments on The Shure Mic. Set. Thanks

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    I have a feeling you haven't bought enough mics.

    For a good mic setup, I wouldn't recommend any less than one mic per drum, nit including the ones for the cymbals, but two overhead dynamic mics would work for that, plus probably one for your hats.

    However, using four, I would mic: Snare, Bass, Between Rack Toms, and Between the Floor Toms on the top-side to try to catch some ride cymbal as well. I'm making a lot of assumptions on your kit set up.

    Using less mics than needed makes it difficult on your soundman to get a good sound through the speakers, as they need to boost certain levels on each mic to get the best sounds.

    I'd recommend mic-ing underneath the snare on the edge.

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