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    well i am 14 in 3rd year i want to play drums in a band and teach music i was wondering would i need another career apart from the drums..... i have been playing drums now for 3 years and love it....THANKS IN ADVANCE

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    It would be better to have something to fall back on, just in case music doesn't end up paying the bills. If you're aiming to teach drums at a major school, I would suggest studying for your degree in music first to improve your chances. Good to hear your enthusiasm is alive and well though.
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    I'm 18 and am doing a degree in drums, heading in the same direction as you. I teach drums on only tuesday for a couple of hours and all day saturday and it's not only rewarding for my own skills and time but also it puts a big wedge in your wallet. I've only ever had to get extra jobs in retail and stuff because I want new equipment faster! Be enthusiastic and do anything you can do to make you better and you should never need to do a "proper job" =P

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    Just always remember (whatever you decide to do) that normal types of jobs are good for you along the way. They give you a work ethic.
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    Cool Re: Drum career

    Man does not live by drums alone (oh, the heresy of what I just said!).

    Seriously, with the unpredictability of today's economy, it's always a good idea to have that second career (especially if you're studying music at a fairly expensive college). You not only have a career to fall back on, you may find new uses for the second career in your drumming career, and vice versa...

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    When going to school pay attention to your minor. One of the kids my son grew up playing with went for his degree in music performance as a major, but got his minor in Music Business. While in school he interned--no pay--for an NHL team, but when he graduated was offered a job with the NHL. The business of music is everywhere. He also now does work with the NFL and Arena Football. He still plays like most as a hobby, but he's doing well and likes what he does. His wife does the same for a major metro symphany.

    My advice, don't pursue history, social sciences, whatever as a minor. It may entertain you, but it doesn't have much to do with a future in music. I didn't go to school so this aspect to a degree in music is something I was completely ignorant of. I never would have thought of it. Start talking to the counselors at your school and at the schools you're considering going to now. It's never to early to plan. Learn everything you can before you make decisions and choices.

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    Thanks for all comments much appreciated

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    You are young and still in school. Get good grades and plan on getting a good steady job and then teach part time to see if it goes good and you like it and then you can go full time from there.

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