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    Hello. My drum teacher has taught me that there are often many ways to read one page when exercising. I was just wondering about the many ways to use syncopation. I'm looking just at the first few pages of Syncopation by Ted Reed because I'm thinking about teaching some newbies, so let's concentrate on just pages 4 and 5, which are basically the first two of the book. This is what I've got so far:

    Snare with left hand, bass with right foot
    Snare with right hand, bass with right foot
    Snare with alternating hands, bass with right foot
    Snare with left hand, bass notes on high-hat
    Snare with right hand, bass notes on high-hat
    Snare with alternating hands, bass notes on high-hat
    Jazz swing on ride, high-hat on 2+4, bass and snare as written

    I'm sure there's tons more. Anyone know of any? Please list any and all that come to mind besides the aforementioned.



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    Instead of only teaching jazz swing on ride, with hi-hat on 2+4, try the following

    Straight 1/8's ride, hi-hat on 2+4
    Straight 1/8's ride, hi-hat on all four 1/4's, in unison with the bass.
    Same, but hi-hat this time on all offbeats, so feet are alternating RLRL underneath a steady ride, whilst they still read the snare parts. This also helps with "newbies at double-pedal".
    And if you have a double pedal, suggest doing the bass drum on pages 4-5 also with only the left foot on the double pedal.

    And only if you feel the students might be up for it, introduce playing the ride with the left hand, whilst the snare is then played with the right. But they might be a bit more game to try it once they've found their balance on the set. I do get good results with this though.

    As far as triplet based patterns are concerned with the right hand, instead of just using a jazz-ride pattern (which is still valid), you should also get them to try blues triplet (the full triplet) and the shuffle triplet. In fact, I do this before I introduce the jazz ride pattern. They then get to see that the triplet is the foundation for all three types of patterns....blues uses the full triplet (usually), shuffles you eliminate the middle note partial, then the standard jazz pattern eliminates 2 more triplet-partial notes from the previous shuffles.

    ....Just my 2 cents worth!
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    I wrote them out...Hope it's clear. Each measure is one variation. For the first 13 you play those beats while reading bass out of syncopation and for the rest you read snare.Lemme know if there's any more to add. I'm pretty sure there's a jazz one where you fill in all the empty space with snare ghost notes, too, but I can't remember it.

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    Of course, in practice, page 6-7 and 8-9 would be read the same as 4-5, so you could skip them.

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