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Thread: Just got these Sticks

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    Cool Just got these Sticks

    Just bought these sticks yesterday. Zildjian Dip 7A's - my favourite sticks. Haven't been able to get them for ages, but finally found them in my local music shop yesterday. So happy I just ahd to share it. And for those people wondering about sticks that slip out fo your hands or give you blisters, the rubber dip at the handle stops that, so they're doubl god for that reason too.

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    I don't have Zildjian but I have a set of sticks similar to that with the rubber grips. Mine got a little chewed up playing rimshots but they're pretty good sticks.
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    I had those, but the "dip" starts to peel off, and then i sold them to a friend starting out cause he liked them. I didn't need em since i have like... 40 something pairs of sticks (No duplicate pairs)
    I really wish that we could actually show the pictures in here...

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