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    hey, I've been playing for about a year and a half, I started playing funk rock and classic rock (rhcp, Boston, etc.) and have now moved on to hard rock, alt.rock, alt.metal, etc. due to the funk rock off beats are no problem, but it seems when i get a song that has a rhythm im not very familiar with i cant seem to pick it up, especially if its played on the ride. (hammerhead by the offspring is a good example of what i'm talking about) any advice on what my help me to become more comfortable with these types of rhythms as well as my ride for anything but metal?

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    I would say just listen to the drums over and over and try it slow, try to get it then speed it up and again and again until you get it.
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    Sounds like you're trying to leave your comfort zone. Which is great, if you're trying to expand your variety and skill level. Lots of drummers are happy only learning one genre and closing their minds to other ones, which is rather disappointing. If you're having trouble learning the new stuff, you might try dissecting passages of a song one at a time. Can you slow down your songs on the computer with audacity?
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    Wow, Hammerhead, cool song. I'd never heard it, and I don't think I'd heard of the band. That's not uncommon anymore.

    The verses and bridges in the song are very sycopated, and it's an upbeat song vs. a downbeat one. If you've only been playing a year and a half, I'm not surprised you're having trouble with the song. The tempo alone should be a big challenge.

    Best way to tackle this is to break everything down to it's components. Don't start by trying to play all of what this drummer is doing at once.
    Work at the quarter note level, add the eights with your comfort level and then go on to the sixtenths. This is another situation where a teacher is a big help. A good teacher can show you how to break music down and then to add on when your abilities allow. I can't imagine how anyone can do that with you over the internet. Maybe with video's, but I can't imagine you'll find someone with that amount of time to offer up to you.

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    One thing I have always thought was when playing your cymbals think of them as drum heads...anotherwords remember to let the stick " bounce" in fact...try practicing a rythym only on your cymbals no drums.
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    It's a double stroke on hammerhead. If you're trying to wrist both strokes, you'll likely have problems. Keep the constant 8th notes going and use a double stroke roll to get that double strike on the ride when it comes up.

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    Awesome, Thanks guys!

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