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    Cadeson Pro Maple Twist


    This is the first time I have written a review on a drum kit so Iíll probably miss stacks of stuff out. I bought this kit recently new from a dealer here in Bangkok. I was actually after a Noble and Cooley but after playing both kits I found that the comparison did not warrant spending twice the amount for the NC 5 piece (it was over 6k) I love the look and feel of the Cadeson so it wasnít really a tough decision.

    Kit in general

    The standard kit came as follows:
    22 x 24 Bass; 14 x 6.5 Snare; 8,10,12,14 and 16 Toms; Hi-hat stand complete; Bass pedal; 2 x cymbal booms; 3 x Tom mount booms (2 double and one 1 single)

    I added the following:
    Cadeson 12 x 5 steel alloy snare; Cadeson 12, 14 and 16 Roto Toms; Zildjian Armande Hi-hats and 20Ē ride; Zildjian A Custom 14 and 16Ē Projection Crashes and 10Ē splash; percussion block and cowbell.

    On order:
    Cadeson 8 and 10 Roto Toms; Zildjian A Custom 18Ē projection Crash and 12Ē splash.

    13 piece with 7 cymbals when complete (yes I know many of you will say thatís not enough cymbals!)


    The drums are 8 ply maple finished in matt black (Cadeson call it Black Satin) I like this option as it not only currently looks good but makes it easier for a custom paint job if and when the time comes.


    The rims and lugs are all die cast black alloy with chromed mounting brackets; Looks more like a Harley Davidson than a drum kit but I like it 
    The heads are standard from REMO USA; built for Cadeson.
    All the stands and boom arms are well made; thick and stable with wide extension legs.

    The mounting brackets have a ball joint system that allows the Toms to be adjusted very easily (you can actually pivot them while playing if required) I have always preferred free standing Toms to a racking system but can see the advantages of both.


    WellÖÖ I had enough budgeted for the NC but still chose this kit; itís dynamic, bouncy and lots of fun; looks and feels great and is already improving my playing and stamina. The Bass is deep and clean, Toms are wonderfully bouncy and both Snares sound fantastic. The Hi-hat stand is well constructed; if I change anything it will be the pedals.


    Priced just under the similar set up from Yamaha; itís a great value kit and a good stepping stone for a few years; bearing in mind that itís very difficult to procure the big name brands here without humungous import taxes. Cadeson does have a US dealership and I believe several Australian stores are stocking the kits now too.

    Once I have my recording equipment set up Iíll post a video; currently it wouldnít do the kit any justice.

    Apologies if this review is too short; Iím a fairly new drummer. If you have any questions please feel free to message me.

    For photos please look in my album.
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    Great review thanks for posting! You don't see that particular kick size very often, so that's great that you have such a unique and truly custom setup. I also have a custom projection(the hi hats), I think you'll like them as they are a bright and loud cymbal. Sounds like you have a dream set up of toms headed your way, and I liked your descriptions of the drum's sound. Lookin forward to that audio when you get a chance.
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    thanks for the kind words as always Russ.

    Yes I love my A Custom Projections; really looking forward to picking up the 18" to round off the set.

    Will be a while before i have the recording equipmewnt in place but I'll post a vid when i do.
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    That's a big bass drum. Nice kit. How's the fit and finish? Anything rattle, or slightly loose? Are the tom mounts steady?
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    I've read some good things about Cadesons. I bet that kick drum sounds amazing. Thanks for the pics Chris.

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    thanks guys; the kit is sturdy; no rattle although i get the usual snare buzz from any of the drums.
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    Nice review Chrisbbk, and thanks. Could you explain the "Twist" in the title name?
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    Thanks Bob; as far as i know its just the name of the series; you can google Cadeson and look on their site.
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