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Thread: Extending the TD-9? (additional module)

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    Default Extending the TD-9? (additional module)

    Hi all!

    I have a Roland TD-9 module, which now is completely full with pads! However, I have needs for (primary) additional cymbals (today 2 crash, 1 ride). Where do I go from here? Do I buy an additional module and connect them (how? aux in? midi?)

    I thinking about buying an used TD-3 module to control the cymbals. Is that a good complement?

    Thanks for any answers (or opinion!)

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    im not sure what you need it for but my extension module(which im not using because I havent filled up my dtexpress) is a dm5. chosen because its innexpensive and you can program any sound to any input. my understanding is the rolands are a little more restricted in directing what pad will trigger what sound.
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    Default Re: Extending the TD-9? (additional module)

    I have a TD-9 today, and I need additional pads, but since my TD-9 are now full and I can't add additional pads to it. So I thinking about getting another module so I can continue to add pads to my drumkit.

    To be able to add more pads, I thinking about getting an TD-3 module so I can connect my cymbals to it.

    Are you happy with your DM5? I have used, on a couple of occasions, a DM10 and I didn't like it at all, if I compare it to my TD-9.

    My TD-9 module have no restrictions on what sound I can use with which pad....

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