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Thread: Price Check - 1966 Ludwig Black Oyster 16"x16"

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    Default Price Check - 1966 Ludwig Black Oyster 16"x16"

    I just got a DW Collectors series shell pack (used) and I need some hardware and stuff, so I was hoping to sell this old drum I have had laying around.

    It is not in great shape, but the shell is in good condition. It is missing the bottom rim and head, and the hardware needs to be polished.

    Just trying to figure out how much I could realistically get for it.


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    Default Re: Price Check - 1966 Ludwig Black Oyster 16"x16"

    Welcome to Drum Chat ditchmagnet!

    Just a heads up for you, in case you haven't had a chance to read the Forum Rules yet. There is no buying or selling allowed here. Just wanted you to be aware. As to a price for the floor tom, that will vary somewhat by geography, but our vintage experts should be able to give you a ballpark idea.

    Again, welcome!
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    Default Re: Price Check - 1966 Ludwig Black Oyster 16"x16"

    You could probably get a reasonable amount for it if you went to a website like drummaker and bought a new rim and basic reso head for the bottom and just called it original except for the bottom rim. Then of course, polish it up.

    I'd expect anywhere from 100 to 300 offa it.
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