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    Well Im focusing on the 40 rudiments right now. But is practicing all the 40 rudiments really nessisery? I want to focus more on my singles doubles and pardiddles, but its hard when you have all those other rudiments to practice as well. So which rudiments are the essential ones I should work on?

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    dont let it stress you out. you cant learn everything at once. my teacher told me at the start to focus on a couple of rudiments at once but he showed me the 40 rudiments to have an idea of them but told me not to bother learning them all together (its just too much) pick one at a time mate.

    what you are doing is really good, focus on those rudiments and just have an idea of the others and play one or two of them sometimes to start getting a feel for them like 5 and 7 stroke or whatever.

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    also try learning to rudiments on your feet as well. once you get the basic ones down they you can try and do one rudiment with your hands and a different one with your feet... i've found that it helps with coordination a lot.

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    This should help:


    (Why I put that in caps, I have no idea. LOL)

    Anyway; just stick to a few of the basics and make those as good as you possibly can. The rest'll come with time.

    - Tom

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    wow. thanks guys you answered my question exatly

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