Gifts for Drummers

Animal Drummer - Bobblehead

The Drummer's Wallet

World's Greatest Drummer - MUG

Time to make your wishlist! Drum Bum has thousands of cool drummer gifts from mugs to bobbleheads to cool wallets that make drum sounds! We've even got tons of gift ideas for the other musicians in your band. Featured in this listing are the Muppets "Animal" Bobblehead figurine. Animal, famous for the Dr. Teeth / Electric Mayhem tour, is a legend in the music world and a great role model for drummers of all ages. Next is the Drummer's Wallet. This awesome wallet makes drum sounds every time you open it! With a cool, vintage drum machine look, you're sure to be noticed every time you whip out some cash at the register. Finally, the World's Greatest Drummer mug is perhaps among the coolest gift you can give a drummer. We can dream can't we? We'd all like to be the greatest drummer in the world. Now, we can pretend with a cool mug that confirms our dream!