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    Yeah, that's right! I'm here to represent Washington State!

    Hi, my name is Tony. I am 14 and have been playing for 6 years. My current kit is:

    Tama Rockstar
    PDP Double Pedal
    Zildjian 16' Thin Crash
    Zildjian 18' Medium Crash
    Zildjian 20' Ride
    Agazarian 18' China [never heard of that brand, AMAZING china though.]
    Evan's EC2 heads on all of my toms and my snare
    Sound Percussion hardware

    I am currently looking for mics so I can do a little recording to show off my talent!

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    Welcome Tony! We look forward to getting to know you bud. Kick off your shoes and stay awhile!
    - Tom

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    Don't mind if I do.

    Also, some of my influences:

    Travis Barker [of course, some say he is overrated, I feel otherwise]
    Neil Peart [who isn't influenced by him?]
    Joey Jordison [amazing, even though I don't like that particular type of music...]

    My style is mainly that of Travis Barker's. I can play most Blink-182 songs

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    Welcome Tony!
    Good to see another Washingtonian here. Sounds like you have a nice kit and six years drumming under your belt at 14, wow.
    Looking for great things from you!
    "The older I get the better I was " - atomcorr2


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    Where in washington? (Seattle area, Eastern, etc)

    Also do you do any marching related stuff?

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    I live in Tacoma. And I do little marching things. I play in my Jazz Band at school, so I play full kit there also.

    I will put up some media once I can afford some mics, which are about $400 for the ones I need.

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