Hi all. My name is Adam Huntley. Iím in the small town of Snohomish in western Washington. Iíve been playing sense 1985, though I took ten years off after my son was born in 2000. Iím now back to beating on things. I marched to two state titles in high school DCI style marching 1989 & 1991 (and a silver, 1990) and played Jazz throughout Jr. & Sr. High and marched with the DCI corps Cascades back in the summers of 1992 & 1993. Played in a few Seattle garage bands in the 90ís, as well as my church praise band and then as I said took a few years off.

Iím restarting playing with a minimalist approach, I want to focus on just snare, bass & hat work for a few months and slowly build from there. I have an old Pearl Export kit with Zildjian, Sabian and Wuhan cymbals. Gibraltar hardware and pedalsÖ..but Iíve decided to donate that kit to my church and piece together a new Ludwig kit. Iíll add on as I want to expand.

My influences: Vinnie Colaiuta, John Bonham, Ginger Baker, Steve Smith, Dave Abbruzesse and Iím a big fan of the Cascades and the Blue Devils Drum and Bugle Corps.