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    Nope new pies or any hardware...sadly
    BUT!! Today in school one of the schools teachers asked if I wanted to play some songs at the schools spring festival! He asked me because we were doing a Stomp Styled Rhythm Act and he noticed me and yeah you know the rest :P
    I'm pretty much just wowed, cause this would probably be my first time playing to a huge crowd...
    So the songs are Africa from Toto and Mamma Mia from Abba.
    I got Abba done today, which is pretty much an easy song, but I'm stuck on africa, it's just got such a strange feel (ARRGHH Jeff porcaro), so I still got a week before the festival, no biggy!

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    Congrats!!! I hope it all goes well for you. Try and get someone to record the show so we can all see

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    Just relax and have fun.....thats what its all about.

    Congrats and let us know how it goes.
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    Sweet! The teacher must have confidence in you mate! WTG

    Rock it!!

    ~Sabian - Mapex - Pro-Mark~

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    Hahaha Thanks for all the positive feedback, Today I perfected Mamma Mia, I can play it now without even thinking hahahah, but I'm still kinda stuck on Africa by Toto arrghh

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    Jeff Porcaro was a phenomenal drummer (try the Roseanna shuffle), so don't be discouraged if it takes a while to perfect a Toto song. Just keep listening to the track carefully, practice and be patient, it will come.

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