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Thread: Tempo Speed for HH hand 16ths'

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    Default Tempo Speed for HH hand 16ths'

    Hi all,

    ( Writing this assuming that most of us are right handed drummers OK )

    Just wondering what tempo I should be aiming at to get nice clean 16th notes running on the hats or ride - using ONLY the right hand.

    I am fairly comfortable around the 90 -100bpm, but once I get over that I tend to start to lose my feet placement , if that makes sense?

    Imagine a couple of beats - Continious 16ths on the right hand , snare on the RED and kick on the BOLD BLACK bits

    1E&A 2E&A 3E&A 4E&A

    1E&A 2E&A 3E&A 4E&A.

    Tempo-wise, what speed should a 'competent' drummer be playing beats like this cleanly?
    ' Up the Irons '

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    90- 100 bpm is pretty quick for 16th with one hand...good stuff! in my opinion, as fast as you can go while keeping a nice clean beat in time and whatever suits your playing style.

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