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Thread: 16th's on one hand- speed ??

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    Default 16th's on one hand- speed ??

    Hey all.

    What tempo should I be aiming to get my 16ths to ( cleanly ) with my right hand .

    Eg- RH on hats , Snare and Kick varying beats throughout a bar of music

    I can maintain and keep my timing pretty well up to about 90 -100BPM while I attempt various changes on the snare and Kick , but I am stuck there, as soon as I step it up, even by say 5 BPM I start to lose my place with my foot and start to screw it all up.

    If I use 2 hands on the hats and miss the hats to hit the snare then I can roll along at around 140+, sometimes 160'ish which is fine for me but what should I try to get my RH only up to?

    Whats decent??


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    Download the song. the enemy off the road runner united album. Skip into about 1min and 5secs into the song. You have the intro and it breaks into this beat. If you can get your hand as fast as his comfortably. Youll have done well enough.

    Never seen it much/any faster ey.
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    you should aim for as fast as you can, theres no limit man. you will get better with those 16ths on one hand if you just pratice rudiments, and its not something you can just say. "okay ive gotten fast enough.

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    not just rudiments, but just basic hand exersises aswell.

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    whre did my post go drummer??? im sure i replied to this post yesterday.

    anyway, i agree with Lafirin, and as long as its clean and clear and sounds good. as fast as you can go i suppose

    im sure i posted a reply yesterday.

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    Im working on that right now. I can do 16ths with my right at about 80-85 bpm then i start to get uneven. More practice i suppose.

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