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    First real taste of a snare drum today, pretty fun, made around the mid 90's so im told and is in great shape, even though they gave the school new snares to use for this year, these are in great shape and were getting workong marching now, just a few questions

    1) is there anything i can do to get comfy with the weight of the snare, itts gotta be at least 30 pounds, and jsut how it hangs out there makes it so much heavier

    2) are their certan shoes avaliable, so i dont tear up my regular ones doing facings

    thats all i needed, thanks

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    Uh...well in my experience:

    1) As for cushioning try socks. Then tape the socks to the carrier. Just don't do that in a show.

    2) not much I can tell you about that man. Try switching between pairs of Tennis shoes about every two days...just a thought

    Does your director get mad if you take your drum off to rest your shoulders for a few seconds?
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    When I first got into high school I was a shrimp! All 4 foot 10" of my badness lol. And we had older style yamaha maple snares, they were ~13lbs w/out the carrier. The newer freefloat 14" snares are around 8-9lbs on average. But anyway I was small and I struggled carrying the drum for long periods of time, especially when walking. Our director would throw fits if we kept taking the drums off because he would have to wait on us all the time. So what I did was rest the bottom of the drum on my knee and put the toes of that fott on top of the other foot. Its not taking all the load off your back but its at least half. And I looked like the man because all the much bigger people had to keep taking their drums off while I didnt even though I was the runt.

    Shoes! Dont use cheap shoes when you have to be on your feet all day. This isnt just for drummers, its for anyone who stands up all day at work too. Tennis shoes that are older than 6 months just wont do it. You need a lot of arch support when carrying a drum. It puts a lot of weight on areas of your feet that you dont normally balance your weight. So its naturally going to hurt if your soles are worn out. I'd recommend any kind of new balance, addidas or nike tennis shoe. Avoid flat shoes like sketchers or skateboarding type shoes beacuse they have flat soles. Hope that helps!


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