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    Quick review of a set of Mics I used for the first time at the weekend.

    I paid 240 Euros here in Mallorca. Shop around because prices do seem to vary wildly.

    First Impressions. Well packaged, (love the slogan, "Sound like you mean it" on the flap of the box. )

    Inside the boxes were 4x5 metre cables, and a plastic case with the mics and clips inside.

    The cables seem to be reasonably heavy duty, and had velcro cable ties attached to each on for wrapping.

    The plastic case did seem a bit flimsy, but time will tell how well it holds up to gigging.

    The drum clips seem very good, flexible enough to make mounting on the rims a simple task, and also to not be brittle if accidentally knocked, but stable enough that the mics stayed perfectly in place, and with enough adjustment so that the mics can be placed in just the right position to get good response, without being in the way.

    The mics themselves, PG52 for the Bass drum, and 3xPG56's for the toms and snare. I am knocked out with these. First impressions were that they feel reassuringly solid and chunky, and fit securely on the clips.

    Sound. As soon as the volume slider was pushed up on the Bass Drum Mic, I was impressed. It immediately sounded full, clear and "Punchy." Ditto the snare mic. Very clear and bright reproduction. The Tom situation was equally impressive with the toms sounding full and with plenty of volume.

    During the gig, from behind the kit, again continually sounded good, with plenty of volume. It actually made me change my playing a little bit, as I've never played bar situations with a loud band and the kit properly miced. Now I found I could hear many more nuances in my playing and I think played with more accuracy and confidence that what I was playing could be heard. It also made me aware that any mistakes would be picked up as well!

    I did get to hear it from out front when a friend of mine played a tune. Again, REALLY impressive. The kit just sounded like a really high quality kit, which is remarkable as it's a standard Yammy gigmaker.

    Overall, Very happy with my purchase. Good for the band, and I actually got more enjoyment from playing as well.


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    Default Re: Shure PGDMK4 Drum Mic Kit

    Sounds like a great set of mics.

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    Default Re: Shure PGDMK4 Drum Mic Kit

    thanks for the review, did you have any overheads for cymbals or was the 4 mics enough in this situation?

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    Ahhhh, nothing better than hearing your kit with the music. YUM!!

    Good review, too.

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    Hi, Didn't have any overheads, didn't need them in that situation.

    If we were playing anywhere much bigger I'd probably use at least one overhead. Also, I think I'll be playing quite a bit this summer in a place with only 3 channels available on the desk, then I think I'll use one mic each on the snare and bass, and one of the mics as an overhead to pick up the toms and cymbals, I'll let you know how it goes.



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    Cool, keep us posted about that. Good review you gave too.
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    Andy, I've had the same set for about 2 years now and they've been great. I added a 3rd tom mic so I can mic all 3 toms, kick, and snare. The case has held up great for me.

    I would definitely recommend them as a good, inexpensive drum mic set.

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