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    New Drummer and Musician Gifts for May!

    Animal is back! Check out the new Muppet Drum Figurine! The Slingerland Snare Drum Framed Art is a unique piece of art to hang on your wall. It is an actual copy of the patent for the Slingerland Radio King Snare Drum. The new Personalized Drummer Cartoon is another great piece of drum decor to hang in your favorite music room. Mona Lisa is jammin on her electric guitar with the new Mona Lisa Guitar Mug and matching mousepad. Don't forget to check out the new Electronic Drumset too! It features 26 different drum sounds.

    More New Drum and Music Gifts for May!

    Brand new drum patent art for the Ludwig Snare Drum, Gretsch Drum, and Rogers Dynasonic Snare Drum. The Rhythm Ring is a great new tool to help keep time or play in a drum circle. We have more stickbags in, including the Continental Sling Stick Bag and Rugged Leather Stickbag. There are some new music gifts too, like more custom musician cartoon art for band teachers, piano players, and guitarists.

    Musician Gifts at Drum Bum!

    Drum Bum: Gifts for Drummers
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