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Thread: Bass drum speed (single pedal)

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    when i heard John bonhams foot, it was so fast, and i knew he didnt have a double bass drum.. but then i figured out how to use heel toe method, and it was alot easier, but i saw a video of Steve smith, and he doesnt use heal toe, and his foot is just as fast as john bonham, so im confused again. is it the type of pedals they have? or is it the strength of there feet? how much would buying a new pedal benefit someone looking for a faster right foot?

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    There's a bunch of different ways to achieve that single pedal speed. Some drummers adjust their pedal just right for them and othersare just really skilled lol
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    well i guess what im trying to get it, how much will a different pedal effect the overall speed.

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    Better quality pedals only help you develop faster speeds if you adjust them perfectly to how you want them to feel.

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    People say to ride bikes to help.... I cant say i have ridden in ages. But i do walk around lots for work and just in general and i dont get muscle pain and i dum for between 1/2 a hour to a hour at a time. once a week if im lucky. If i get cramp i just strech and that stops. Thats not so much for speed...... but i guess im trtying to say your stamina skill shouldnt matter....... i think :S
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