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Thread: Fast change sticks to brushes to sticks

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    Default Fast change sticks to brushes to sticks

    I have a number of songs where I have to change from brushes to sticks or vice versa in a very short time, like in course of one beat. I've been listening to Jeff Hamilton and he does it amazingly fast and I saw a video once where he keeps the sticks and brushes between his legs, shoved between the thigh and the seat. For reasons of body shape that doesn't work for me. I have a trap tray that I can attach to my hi hat that helps but I find that sometimes I have to switch with the right instead of the left. I could just the floor tom to rest stuff on but sometimes I need it.

    I have also tried double ended stick/brushes and they are not particularly good at being sticks.

    Anyway, I'm interested in how you all have tried to solve this. Just looking for some ideas.


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    Default Re: Fast change sticks to brushes to sticks

    fjsjr, there is no real good solution...maybe a holder mounted on BD so you don't have to cross hand? and I have used the brush with the plastic ball on pull end..but as you said its not a good stick stand in. good luck as with everything drumming..its in the timing!
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    Default Re: Fast change sticks to brushes to sticks

    Lay the ones you are not useing at the time on your floor tom. If you have to switch one at a time while playing you can try that. At least thats how I do it. I am actually going to pick up some of those double end stick/brush.
    Sometimes I need the stick on the cymbal and brush on the snare and vice versa. Or when I need a rim tick on snare and brush on cymbal Instead of holding a stick and a brush.

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    Default Re: Fast change sticks to brushes to sticks

    Ahead makes unique combinations of sticks. Maybe they have something that would work for you.
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    Default Re: Fast change sticks to brushes to sticks

    My 2 cents. Stay away from these:

    I received the Vater Wooden Handle Wire Brush for my birthday and it lasted for only a month. All of the brush wires fell out of the wooden stick during play and I was left with a handful of wires in my hand and the stick came flying out across the room

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    Default Re: Fast change sticks to brushes to sticks

    ^^ I agree late. I had a pair of combo sticks a long time ago. They were half wooden stick and half brush. Nice idea in theory, but they just didn't have the balance of a normal stick. There was no weight behind the swing of the bat so to speak.
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