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Thread: Single or dbl ply heads????

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    Default Single or dbl ply heads????

    Well we all know the drums I have, well I am struggling with my toms, I am currently using Evans G2 double ply heads, and I am just not getting the sustain or resonance that I am after, the drums just sound dead, and I know the drums will produce what I am after, so just for experimenting I put on the stock heads that came with them they are single ply, and I bout crapped myself, they sounded so good I just could not believe the difference, my toms are so open and resonant, with a beautiful amount of sustain and tone, so my question is.

    What is a good strong single ply head? Or is it just the Evans heads that are bad? Can I still get a good dbl ply that will produce this kind of response I am after? The reason I ask is because I have always used Evans G2's.


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    i can't help you much kevin. but just a comment. thats wierd, because I have heard some good things about the g2 double ply.. and i think someone said they have really good resonation, but I don't know that for sure, it might be your tuning. not sure though. sorry thats all i got

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    Hey, DDB, I've got single ply on my Catalinas - just the stock heads. They're Remo UT's. I was thinking about going to a double ply head, because I wanted that "rock sound." Then I started tuning the heads that came from the kit, and I got such a cool sound that I think I'm going to stay with the single ply heads for a while. Really great resonance and sustain. I kind of think that if Remo makes a single ply stock head that is that good, I'm going to try another Remo single ply. Still thinking about the bass, though.
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    i have g1s on for the last year and love them. the coating is very durable too.

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